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'Faith in God' 'Concern for the welfare of others,' and where education is concerned 'Education of the Human Heart'. These have formed the foundation upon which the RRS Mission has set its goals.

Out of this came 'knowledge, service, charity,' which is not only the motto of this school but the firm goals it has set for itself. The objective of the Education imparted must be such that it helps a child to know himself, to discover his talent, to accept his limitations, and to be creative in his way. This process must help a child to develop the ability to relate and reach out to others.

Keeping the spirit of the Indian Constitution in mind, the school aims to develop a secular attitude with a multicultural outlook and respect for all religions.

A mission to give equal opportunities to each for personal growth through 'value added' education. A mission to arm the students with special skills to enable them to be successful in every sphere of life.

A mission to make each child into a wholesome human being, who will essentially believe and work towards its goal. A mission to be an integral part of the community – reaching out to every part of it and enriching it in our special way. seeks to draw out maximum benefits from education without missing out on the fun and sweetness of childhood. Learning is interactive and tactile.

All experiences are drawn from the real world; each precious individual will comfortably create his/her niche, discover talents, nurture skills, find their forte, and most importantly will be groomed to become lifelong learners.


Chairman - Jagdish Kumar | Rao Ram Singh Public School

Letter from the Chairman’s Desk


Dear All,

When I have a glimpse of the past years' fascinating journey of Rao Ram Singh Public School, I feel highly proud of my students and my teachers who have brought laurels by their excellent achievements in the arena of academics, sports, and co-curricular activities.

Our students have created history by scoring state-level positions in Archery. Our Acrobatics Wizards, participating in the famous T.V. program "INDIA'S GOT TALENT" held our flag on heights at the national level. Our excellent CBSE board results have been a great source of satisfaction and inspiration. Our children will be the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore we, at our institute ensure that good education, physical health, moral values, and character building get adequate attention in preparing the students to face the eventualities of life. The development process is aimed at creating self-reliant, dutiful and making them the great citizens of India. I am glad to inform you that we have set up a lovely basic school, "Rao Ram Singh Cradle Coo" for our loving tiny tots. Here we are providing the best infrastructure and holistic environment to our upcoming generation.

I thank the respected parents for their positive cooperation and, for being an equal partner in the development of our children and I forward my heartfelt congratulations to the parents for walking hand in hand with us to make it a grand success.

My role in the process of education is that of a friend, a guide, a mentor, and a well-wisher of the students. I always endorse and welcome you all for any kind of help in pursuit of the betterment and progress of the student in person and of society in general.

Jagdish Kumar
(Chairman of Rao Ram Singh School)

Building Bright Futures

Rao Ram Singh Public School provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students learn, develop, and grow. Our unparalleled curriculum and teaching methods help students take the next step in their education and approach the future with confidence.

We have the privilege of teaching bright and curious students from San Francisco and the surrounding areas and beyond. If you’re new to our community and would like to learn more about our values, academics, teaching staff, or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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